Josh DiPietro watches about 15 stocks (all priced OVER $100, max $400) , some he has traded for over 10 years, so no need to find new stocks. His swing trade setups  trigger 1-3 times per week. His swing levels are very extreme levels, so each stock may only hit an entry price once every 1-4 weeks. Once you enter a swing, some setups can profit in one day after initial entry, and some can take weeks to hit profit targets for exits. But he always ends up NET GREEN.

Each trade setup requires more then one entry. His 3-tier setup fusion trading system is far more complex then picking one single level to trade. Also, consider that your own capital is what dictates which price levels to enter at and how many shares at each level. And the hardest of need to know when to exit...Josh DiPietro's profit targets range from $2-10 on each swing.  Most of his positions range from 100 share block trades up to 5000. (average position size is 1000 shares)

Every situation is different...There should never be a trade setup that has one single entry & exit that fits everyone, this is simply not the case. Day Trader Josh's system works because  its a very complex entry/exit strategy...."no trade fits all".  For instance, most importantly, he FIRST needs to determine his general swing entry price (his 1st tier).  He also gets up at 4am updating his levels in pre-market. Hardest of all to coach is the volume, he uses volume to determine his precision entry/exits .

Learn while you earn...When in his trading group he will be doing all this for you.... constantly updating his entry/exits for each trading partner and trainee.

Listed below is his most recent stocks he trades actively everyday. Most he has been trading for years, some over 10 years. The key to his system is sticking with the same stock and knowing it very well.


I will teach in my program AFTER I coach on my basic Fusion Trading Strategy.


(been trading Bitcoin since 11/11/17 after it

pulled back below $6000. Its been trading perfectly with my system, just needs a few

modifications on entry/exits)

​*Can SHORT if you trade through CBOE


(these two ETF vehicles are used for trading the VIX and S&P 500)

Learn The Framework To Day Trader Josh's System















Day Trader Josh Stocks List

DO NOT ATTEMPT TO TRADE DAY TRADER JOSH's SYSTEM ALL ON YOUR OWN....very impractical and foolish to do so without guidance from Josh. His 2nd published book "Day Trading Stocks The Wall Street WAY" gives ONLY the FRAMEWORK to his system, it is NOT intended to be a how-to trading manual for successful trades. Like any REAL trading need formal training and guidance from the master trader of that system.