Josh DiPietro genuinely enjoys trading with others...Professional day trading from home can be a very solitary environment. When Josh works with other trading partners and trainees it certainly makes the trading session more lively and interactive.  Also, keep in mind that Josh only takes on 2-5 new trainees each session, so he is NOT herding new trainees in like cattle, like most institutional trading programs. But Josh truly enjoys the gratification he receives once a new trainee "gets it", and starts earning consistent profits. Plus, Josh has every incentive to successfully train each new student because once completed they have option of joining his profit-sharing trading group. Josh is the moderator on the trades, so when you succeed he succeeds...its a win-win strategy!
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Josh DiPietro is the author of two internationally published books, “The Truth about  Day Trading Stocks".... and, "Day Trading Stocks The Wall Street Way".

Josh has been trading stocks for over 20+ years and coaching traders for past 9 years. A large portion of  Josh DiPietro's journey was primed with knowledge while trading at several private equity trading floors near Wall Street, while he was living in Manhattan.  When he is not working on 3rd book, writing feature articles for STOCKS & COMMODITIES magazine, and presenting at seminars for THE MONEY SHOW & TRADERS EXPO, he is trading actively every day with his trading partners and coaching new trainees on his Fusion Swing Trading System. Day Trader Josh's life revolves around the stock market and trading fulltime.

Day Trader Josh's trading  program is designed for day traders, novice or experienced, who want to learn how to use the same tools and trading techniques as the professional traders on Wall Street. His coaching  program &  trading group offers what other trading programs only claim to do, which is to get students trading in the live market and consistently profit while learning his methodology and trading under his wing. 

Day Trader Josh

 Equities Swing Trader and  Day Trading Educator/Author

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" If you want to become a consistently profitable swing trader, you need to be formally trained and mentored by a seasoned veteran, and trading live under his/her wing...anything else is sub-standard training."

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