If you  QUALIFY for Josh's trading group you need to contact Josh to see when you can start his trading program. After speaking with Josh if you are ready to commit, you need to register to get started. Josh's full 8-week core training program requires his upfront $6000 TUITION FEE to move forward on training and receiving his trade setups tailored for you capital buying power.

Day Trader Josh will GUARANTEE his results, he will not stop trading with you until you recoup the initial tuition fee (good luck finding another trading group or trading program that offers such a guarantee). Josh can do this because his system works!! It works because he is guiding you on each trade from entry to exit.​...EARN WHILE YOU LEARN!!!

Once the initial $6000 tuition payment is received, Day Trader Josh will officially add you to his trading group, and you will begin right away, start receiving personalized entry/exit trade setups that are tailored to your account's capital buying power and skill level. He will be formally training you on his system and sending you trade setups on live trades for profit. You will receive 8 weeks CORE TRAINING (flexible on scheduling...you do not need to take off of work for training period).

After you RECOUP the $6000 TUITION FEE, in net total profits, you have the option to continue under his wing (after 8 week training program ends). He will continue sending you trade setups (his "play-by-play" program).

Basically,  you can trade and be coached by Josh indefinitely. After the first net profit target of $6000 (tuition fee) is achieved you will start a new session that is charged a fee based on a % of your profit targets when achieved. He only receives his fee AFTER the agreed on NET PROFIT targets are reached. 

Josh will discuss the terms of the NEW "percentage-of-profits" trading session, but not until  AFTER you recoup your GUARANTEED $6000 tuition fee in the initial 8-week core training period.

TO GET STARTED....contact Josh, enter his program, and start trading live and being coached right away!!! Get started today!!! 

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